Meatball Malai Korma

Turmeric Powder
Chilli Powder
Garam masala
Cumin powder
Fresh milk
Strained Curd
Frozen or fresh meatballs
Kasuri Methi(optional)

saute onions in oil till transluscent, add sliced tomato.once its mushy,add turmeric powder,chilli powder, pinch of salt.cook till oil separates and switch off the stove. add strained curd once the mixture is cooled slightly.gradually stir in 2 tblsp fresh milk and add previously fried meatballs to this gravy.sprinkle garam masala and powdered cumin over the gravy.

next,heat some oil in another pan. add 3tblsp coriander powder to this and stir well till it releases aroma.add the meatball gravy to this pan.add 1/4 cup water at this stage and simmer it till done.garnish with cilantro.serve with parata or ghee rice.


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