Mutton Biryani

Mutton – 3 kgs
Rice – 3 kgs
Turmeric powder
Cumin powder
Garam masala

I think its a good idea to marinate the mutton pieces in vinegar and spices before frying it with onions.I divided the mutton, rice and onions into two batches. Helps me with easy monitoring without overcooking the biryani and ending up with broken rice and mushy texture.

Marinating the mutton

Divide and marinate the mutton in some vinegar,turmeric powder,salt.Refrigerate it for 15 minutes.

Preparing the mutton masala

In two large deep bottomed heavy pans, pour oil and add 7 nos onions sliced finely for each pan.Once its cooked through,add the marinated mutton to both the pans and mix well.Add sliced tomatoes at this stage and continue stirring it at low heat.Adjust the turmeric,cumin,garam masala and salt as per your liking. The meat releases its own liquid, so let it to cook through till the pan liquid is dried up and the masala coats the mutton well.Take it off the heat.Meanwhile in another pan, fry well sliced onions (14 nos) for 20 minutes in medium heat. Add pepper powder and continue stirring till the color darkens. Take it off the heat.Now divide and mix into both the prepared mutton masala.

Ghee Rice

Prepare one pot of white ghee rice and another pot of yellow ghee rice.

Assembling the biriyani

Again I like to layer the biriyani in two pots. Start by melting some ghee, arrange the mutton masala, followed by the white ghee rice and topped off with the yellow ghee rice. garnish with fried nuts, fried onions,chopped mint/cilantro.Cover and cook dum style (over another tava pan) in low heat for 20 minutes or until steam is released on top.


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