Strong Indian Chai

I’ve always struggled preparing satisfactory tea for my guests. Experimented so many ways,with different tea brands,milk,sugars and even different pots.Finally got away with an almost ok,good tea (yet to achieve the ‘wow’ tea) and here it is:

A blend of tea powders (Lipton,Kanan Devan,Brooke Bond and Munnar Tea) – 2 tblsp
Fresh Milk (Double Cream) – 2 cups
Water (to adjust the thickness of the tea) – 2 cups
Sugar (as per taste)
Most importantly, heavy deep bottomed saucepan (enough to serve tea for 4 guests)
Serves 4 – 5 persons

Boil the milk,add the water,boil again.lower the heat and
Stir in the tea powder blend to the simmering milk and brew it,repeatedly rising and lowering the heat.
Strain it into another jug.Add sugar and serve in individual cups.Tea ready.
I read elsewhere adding condensed milk adds to the flavor of the tea.


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