Homemade Chocolate IceCream

I gotta admit this icecream recipe was a fluke discovery after messing with the quantity of ingredients in Chocolate Mousse Cake.My pregnant sister in law craved for the Chocolate oozing cake but I forgot to balance the egg yolk-cream ratio and ended up with Chocolate IceCream Cake instead.This ‘must freeze’ soft cream reminded me of real chocolate ice cream and after a few days of musing over what happened and I googled to actually find out that this IS the recipe(ingredients) for homemade icecreams! I’m posting this recipe so I dont forget and I’m thinking scooping it over store bought wafer cones could be a good idea.

1 litre whipping Cream
2 packets of Hersheys Chocolate Chips
6 egg yolks+60gms sugar
Sugar – 2 cups
Vanilla essence

How to:

Hold a bowl over another pan filled with two inches of water.Place it over the stove.Let the water boil.Stir in the egg yolks and 60gms of sugar and vanilla essence.Keep stirring over simmering hot water till the mixture is pale and fluffy.Remove from heat.ok I go wrong in the next step always.Dont know why.Stir in little batches of chocolate to the egg yolk mixture.Mine freezes instantly lol.So I add a cup of water to get it right.

Meanwhile whip the cream with sugar and vanilla essence.Fold lightly the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture.Pour into a freezer bowl.Freeze and serve.Icecream ready.It doesnt need churning but is already soft and delicious.

Interestingly I came across this recipe today for basic semifreddo mixture.So I might as well call my chocolate icecream as choco semifreddo šŸ™‚


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