Make your own Meaty Burger!

“Meat! We are going to eat some meat…” Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’.

I recently watched a Pakistani cookery show where the chef prepared meat burgers by steaming and then frying. How interesting it is that fast food can be made slower and healthier without compromising on the taste. So I took the chance to prepare it right from scratch rather than relying on defrosting and frying my favorite frozen burgers that are neatly tucked in the freezer..

Fresh Minced meat – 250gms
Onion – ½ pc
A pinch of dried or finely chopped fresh parsley leaves
A pinch of pepper powder/ crushed pepper
salt to taste
Olive oil for frying
Blend all of the above ingredients except for olive oil in an electric blender. Make patties out of the blended ingredients and steam it for five minutes. Make sure to cover the steamer with a lid. Flip the burger on to the other side and steam it for another one minute. Sear the steamed patties on a frying pan with olive oil in high heat for couple of minutes till it turns brown and crispy on both sides.
Serve it with your favorite sesame topped burger buns or sandwich bread and top it up with pickled jalapeno, American cheese and freshly sliced tomatoes. And Voila!! A juicy meat burger to satisfy meat cravings. My mom usually likes to toast sliced buns in butter or oil before assembling the burgers as it makes it crunchier on the inside and softer on the outside which maximizes the taste.


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