Hot/Iced Lemon Tea with Rooh Afza

I love coffee but I try to detox occasionally with plain lemon water right away although it can be very difficult. So I tried to discover ways I can start the detox in stages and Hot/Iced Lemon Tea with Rooh Afza is a brilliant recipe I could come up with. The rose syrup imparts a deep red color to the tea,increasing its palatability to the eyes. The tangy lemon flavor in this tea compliments the rose flavored Rooh Afza syrup.And its really easy to drink plain lemon water after having this tea for the first couple of days. Results are good, no coffee cravings or headaches.

Ingredients: (for one cup of tea)

Tea Bag – 1 no ( I prefer Lipton, can use caffeine-free teabag also)

Lemon – 1/2 no (or 1 whole lime)

Rooh Afza Syrup – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 – 2 tsp

Ice cubes – (for iced tea)


Prepare the glass, add juice from one whole lime or 1/2 lemon juice , stir in the sugar and rooh afza syrup. Pour boiling water, add the tea bag and let it steep until strong flavor is released. Stir well and enjoy it piping hot.

You may alternatively leave this tea to cool down and add ice cubes to enjoy a nice glass of iced tea. Tastes great either ways.Garnish this red tea with mint leaves or sliced lemon.







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