Home Appliances Review: Preethi Blue Leaf vs Kenwood multione


Preethi Blue Leaf blender is excellent for Indian cooking especially for wet grinding, dry grinding and extracting coconut milk. I occasionally prepared wet ingredients for cake batter using the big jar but was careless in handling the blender jars and over time the jars got damaged, incidentally experimented mincing cold cut meats in the jars to prepare kebabs,thus damaging the blades,yes, I damaged two jars in one day.


So the next time we went shopping for a blender, I decided to look into food processors with extra attachments.We bought Kenwood multione Kitchen machine. The salesman was confident that a 1000w machine will generate better dosa batter than a 750w blender,so I looked no further and bought it right away.He was wrong. Definitely the Kenwood multione is a life saver when it comes to preparing dough for any recipe that calls for the use of flour. I can extract juice using Kenwood multione, citrus juicing, slicing,grating, meat grinding and any type of whipping, creaming etc is possible. But Preethi is still the best for dry and wet grinding. I have to dedicate a whole work surface for storing and using Kenwood Kitchen machine. But when everything is organized and proper workflow is achieved,then I would definitely recommend Kenwood multione for all kinds of cooking except dry,wet grinding and extracting coconut milk.

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