Wintermelon Smoothie

Healthy green smoothie for the whole family, juicing vegetables with fruits is a better alternative to cooking it and losing all the vitamins. I was surprised that Winter melon benefits include preventing migraines, strokes, best for heart, eye, digestive, kidney health and its loaded with vitamins. Adding pear and green apple to the smoothie sweetens the drink because winter melon itself is bland tasting. Wintermelon has a lot of water content, so I dont add extra water but if I find the smoothie is too sweet, I add a glass of water to balance the taste.


Wintermelon (Ashgourd) – 1 whole,peeled and quartered

Pear – 1 no, peeled and quartered

Green apple – 1 no, Peeled and quartered

Water – 1 glass (optional)


I use my juicer machine for this recipe and I run all the ingredients through the Juicer and its ready to drink!


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