Smorgastrata – Swedish Savory Sandwich Cake

Smorgastrata is of Swedish origin meaning “sandwich cake”, it is filled with assorted ingredients and garnished creatively, and is definitely an interesting dish to present for parties and picnics.IMAG0424_1_1IMAG0428_1_1

Just to keep it simple, I chose cooked sliced chicken, eggs, cream cheese and mayonnaise. Begin by spreading the counter top with cling film which will later be used to cover up the prepared sandwich cake to refrigerate it. imag0403_1.jpg

To begin with, I sliced off the borders of the breads and glued four pieces together with Philly cream cheese. imag0404_1.jpg

Smother more cream cheese over the slices.


Sprinkle chopped herbs like spring onions on top of the cream cheese spread.

imag0406_1.jpg Top it off with sliced cooked chicken.


Cover it with the remaining bread pieces.


For second layering, separately chopped the egg whites and yolk and mixed in the mayonnaise before spreading it over the bread.




You can choose to make your own sauce, I used Thai chili sauce and mayonnaise. Layer this sauce on new layer of breads and over lap it over the egg mayo layers.




Cover it up with the overlapping clingfilm and refrigerate it to set the layers. Once set for couple of hours, take it out and garnish the top by spreading the rest of cream cheese, I used sliced salami with sliced veges to decorate.


Smorgastrata – Swedish sandwich cake


12 pieces white breads, crusts removed

Cooked and sliced chicken tikka pcs – 250gms

Boiled eggs – 6nos

Philadelphia Cream cheese – 1 or 2 tubs (200 gms or more)

Mayonnaise – 200ml

Thai Chili sauce – 100ml

Sliced veges, salami and herbs, shredded mozzarella cheese- for garnish


Spread cling film over the counter and start by layering four breads over it. Spoon cream cheese on the borders and over the bread pieces. Sprinkle chopped spring onions and layer sliced chicken tikka over it. Place another four pieces of bread slices to create the next layer. In another bowl, mix chopped boiled eggs with mayonnaise and spread this mixture over the bread layer. Next, make a paste of mayonnaise and Thai chili sauce and spread it over another four slices of bread which will be placed over facing the egg mayo layer. Finally cover the sandwich layers with the overlapping cling film and refrigerate it for couple of hours. Take it out once set and spread cream cheese on all sides and top. Garnish it and leave it in the fridge for additional hour before serving.






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