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Wintermelon Smoothie

Healthy green smoothie for the whole family, juicing vegetables with fruits is a better alternative to cooking it and losing all the vitamins. I was surprised that Winter melon benefits include preventing migraines, strokes, best for heart, eye, digestive, kidney health and its loaded with vitamins. Adding pear and green apple to the smoothie sweetens the drink because winter melon itself is bland tasting. Wintermelon has a lot of water content, so I dont add extra water but if I find the smoothie is too sweet, I add a glass of water to balance the taste.


Wintermelon (Ashgourd) – 1 whole,peeled and quartered

Pear – 1 no, peeled and quartered

Green apple – 1 no, Peeled and quartered

Water – 1 glass (optional)


I use my juicer machine for this recipe and I run all the ingredients through the Juicer and its ready to drink!


Hot/Iced Lemon Tea with Rooh Afza

I love coffee but I try to detox occasionally with plain lemon water right away although it can be very difficult. So I tried to discover ways I can start the detox in stages and Hot/Iced Lemon Tea with Rooh Afza is a brilliant recipe I could come up with. The rose syrup imparts a deep red color to the tea,increasing its palatability to the eyes. The tangy lemon flavor in this tea compliments the rose flavored Rooh Afza syrup.And its really easy to drink plain lemon water after having this tea for the first couple of days. Results are good, no coffee cravings or headaches.

Ingredients: (for one cup of tea)

Tea Bag – 1 no ( I prefer Lipton, can use caffeine-free teabag also)

Lemon – 1/2 no (or 1 whole lime)

Rooh Afza Syrup – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 – 2 tsp

Ice cubes – (for iced tea)


Prepare the glass, add juice from one whole lime or 1/2 lemon juice , stir in the sugar and rooh afza syrup. Pour boiling water, add the tea bag and let it steep until strong flavor is released. Stir well and enjoy it piping hot.

You may alternatively leave this tea to cool down and add ice cubes to enjoy a nice glass of iced tea. Tastes great either ways.Garnish this red tea with mint leaves or sliced lemon.







Hot Chocolate – topped off with chocolate ice cream

IMAG0901Totally loved it. Got the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube Ultimate Hot Chocolate recipe by Mike Cooper


Spicy Jalapeno Lassi

Pickled Jalapeno – 7 pcs
Yoghurt – 1 cup
salt – for taste
Ice cubes – 2 nos,optional

Finely blend the pickled jalapeno first and add salt,yoghurt,icecubes and blend again.Lassi ready to be served.Tastes great and tangy.
Additional notes:
One cup of jalapenos contain 27 calories and 3 gm of fibre.It helps with weight loss.

Strong Indian Chai

I’ve always struggled preparing satisfactory tea for my guests. Experimented so many ways,with different tea brands,milk,sugars and even different pots.Finally got away with an almost ok,good tea (yet to achieve the ‘wow’ tea) and here it is:

A blend of tea powders (Lipton,Kanan Devan,Brooke Bond and Munnar Tea) – 2 tblsp
Fresh Milk (Double Cream) – 2 cups
Water (to adjust the thickness of the tea) – 2 cups
Sugar (as per taste)
Most importantly, heavy deep bottomed saucepan (enough to serve tea for 4 guests)
Serves 4 – 5 persons

Boil the milk,add the water,boil again.lower the heat and
Stir in the tea powder blend to the simmering milk and brew it,repeatedly rising and lowering the heat.
Strain it into another jug.Add sugar and serve in individual cups.Tea ready.
I read elsewhere adding condensed milk adds to the flavor of the tea.

Orange juice Smoothie

5 oranges – peeled and cubed

2 medium sized bananas

sugar – to sweeten,optional

ice – a few cubes

Spinach – a few leaves,optional

Soaked Oats – 1/2 cup,optional