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Croissants for Friday Morning

croissant Photo from Bint Abdul Wahid

Baked a small batch of lovely plain croissants today for breakfast:)


Tortilla Recipe

I dont remember the quantity,but it happened by chance that I made a dough which was perfect for tortilla.Originally I wanted to prepare batturas.Roughly,the recipe contained:

Self Raising Flour

Surprisingly Tasty Pancake Spring Rolls

Step 1 – Prepare regular thin pancakes.I add wholemeal flour to add extra flavor.
Step 2 – Layer each pancake with fried omelettes.
Step 3 – Fry sausages and place sausage over each pancake.
Step 4 – Roll up the pancakes.
Step 5 – Coat each pancake in beaten egg mixture.
Step 6 – Breadcrumb the pancake spring roll and fry.
Pancake Spring Rolls are ready! Before serving, cut the spring rolls in half, and serve the presentable side up.Top it off with a dollop of ketchup or mayo.

Parata,Chapati and Tandoori naan dough

i prepared two sets of dough the first day,using the beater with dough hooks.the egg beater saved me lot of time.first dough for preparing paratas.the other one for rotis.once i was done serving my mom and hus with paratas and rotis,i combined the remaining two doughs into one,refrigerated it day,using my cast iron tava,finished off the remaining dough by preparing soft puffed tandoori goes the recipe:

first dough recipe:

2 cups maida

1 cup semolina

1 tblsp salt


enough water to combine into loose dough,similar to pizza dough consistency.

second dough recipe:

2 cups atta and salt.water to form soft dough.

its amazing how easy it is to prepare parata,chapati and tandoori naan with quick time saving dough mix.

just a quick note on tandoori naan,once its partially cooked both sides on the pan,lift the naan and place it over the gas stove to puff it up.that will give your bread the soft texture and the classic burnt appearance on either sides.