Food lifestyle changes

Sometimes I suffer from gluten problems. My body do not accept rice very well either, although I can tolerate fermented foods occasionally. Till recently I was down on bed almost all day with moodiness, headaches and tiredness for a whole two weeks. Then I googled to find out where am I going wrong with my food. I would feel better when I take calcium and Vitamin D supplements. But the good effects dont last for more than a day.

My searches landed me to an ayurvedic practitioner’s videos in youtube. Mohanan vaidyar explains why our foods are not healthy anymore.

I was very disturbed after learning that iodized table salt and vegetable oils are harmful for our health. It increases appetite and diabetes, cancer, infertility, and major other diseases. Now I switched to sea salt and increased usage of olive oil and coconut oil. Planning on incorporating rock salt in my diet as well. Less processed, the better. But that two changes dramatically improved my health. It cleared my head and I feel energetic.

There are a few links below to know more about the pros and cons of table salt and vegetable oils.

I am hooked onto coffee a lot, which is like wise dangerous in the long run and am currently trying to switch to healthy alternatives. Recently I roasted barley seeds and ground them up and brewed a light colored barley tea. I also plan to roast date fruit seeds and grind them up, then brew a nice cup of date seed coffee.

I have a plan to include the following flours in my family’s diet:

Oat flour, barley flour, coconut flour, almond flour, moong dal flour, sunflower seed powder and chickpea flour. My dad got me a good bulk of little millet grains from Kerala (chama ari). It stabilizes blood sugar and excellent for idli/dosa recipes.

Usually I give my son gluten sandwiches for school breakfast and mid break. It would be good if I reduce gluten in my children’s diets and balance it with fermented foods made from whole grains and different varieties of rice grains and dals.

I want to reduce non vegetarian foods and increase vegetarian meals, and include organic produce as much as possible. So basically this is my plan for now. And I hope to come back to this post in another year (if possible) and see if I reached my goal.


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